About me, 

Art in My Life
My earliest art memory dates back to second grade, when I found joy in doodling with pens and coloured pencils in my little sketchbook. Over the years, my passion for art grew, mirrored by my ever-expanding collection of art supplies, a delightful hoard of endless boxes, even today. Art then became a way of connecting with others, as I created portraits for people dear to me.

From Architecture to Interaction Design
I always wanted to make a career out of art. At first, I thought architecture was the way, so I joined College of Engineering, Trivandrum. However, a pivotal moment came during college when my best friend introduced me to UX Design. That's when I realised that while good design lasts, great design keeps getting better. UX Design opened a world where I could continuously refine and develop my skills, blending creativity with functionality. Hence, I pursued a Masters of Design in Interaction Design at National Institute of Design, Bangalore.

Future and Beyond
At the core of my work is a simple philosophy: making life better for others. Empathy is my guide, whether it's finding simpler solutions for everyday tasks or diving deep into research and conversations to understand a complex problem. I seek opportunities that challenge me and align with my goal of enhancing people's lives. My journey is about continuous learning, innovation, and, most importantly, having fun along the way.
Thank you!
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